Flifer Technologies

[Proudly working from our garage]

Flifer vs. NASA

Flifer's fleet of computers exceeds the graphics processing capacity of NASA Advanced Supercomputers "NAS".

Total CUDA cores:


Flifer has assembled and built fleet of graphics processing computers. These chips utilize the ultra-thin 7 nanometer fabrication technology

Total teraflops:


Total CUDA cores:


NASA Advanced Supercomputing "NAS" has an impressive fleet of graphics capacity utilizing 12 nanometer fabrication. Here is the source link.

Total teraflops:


Flifer Technologies was started in the spring of 2021 when its founders converted their gaming computer into a crypto mining machine. From humble beginning at the garage of their home, Flifer has become one of the largest processors of Ethereum in the world. It can process 1,296 trillion hashes per day.

Our company is eager to expand. But we will do so at our own pace.

  • We are NOT looking for investors

  • We are NOT looking for partners

  • We are NOT looking to sell

Coming up soon.... our own security protocol

Flifer, the cute bunny

The FLIFER app

Flifer, the smart bunny

FLIFER token

[ALMOST] ready for launch...the FLIFER

  • Energy efficient cryptocurrency. Unlike the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, that waste a lot of energy in in processing transactions, the Flifer-coin will be energy efficient such that transactions can be processed without the excessive use of energy. The coin will be at least 99% more energy efficient than Bitcoin.

  • Fast transactions. Processing times for Bitcoin and Ethereum is more than 30 minutes, and sometimes more than an hour. The Flifer-coin will utilize a fast transaction processing algorithm so that transactions can be processed within seconds.

  • Highly secure transactions. Flifer-coin will utilize a highly secure encryption to ensure transactions are never broken, cracked or hacked. Flifer-coin will utilize military-grade encryption technology and be among the most secure of all crypto-currencies.

Our world headquarters - in our garage

Hash rate: 15 GH/s

We make the world's most powerful graphics computers - in our garage - and we process 15 billion Ethereum algorithms per second.

CBS News feature story

The founders of Flifer Technology were featured on CBS News article on cryptocurrency mining in October 2021

Interview on NDTV

The founders of Flifer Technology were interviewed on India's NDTV in September 2021.

NBC News feature story

The founders of Flifer Technology were featured on NBC News in August 2021.

Vital stats

Number of Ethereum algorithms (hash/sec) we can process per second

Average age of company's founders

Year the company was started

Location of our company

Flifer in the press

Dallas Morning News

Dallas, TX


New York, NY

FLIFER's journey

Stage 1:

Crypto mining

Flifer was born to become a crypto miner, and soon became one of the world's largest miners of Ethereum

Stage 2:

Create new crypto software

The current stage is to design, create and launch our own cryptocurrency - the FLIFERCOIN.

Stage 3:

Complete blockchain platform

As pioneers in the world of crypto, we will build an entire platform for energy efficient blockchain